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Looking for the best resorts and hotels to stay at in West Bay section of Roatan in #Honduras?  Look no further!  Below is a list of places that will fit a variety of needs.

For The Resort Lovers

Infinity Bay

Infinity Bay Resort

Pros: Largest, most luxurious resort in West Bay, right on the beach

Cons: Right on the beach (can’t escape), more expensive than other resorts

For A Cozier/Quite Atmosphere

West Bay Lodge

West Bay Lodge Pros: Free daily breakfast at Celeste, one of best breakfast spots in West Bay, away from the traffic on the beach

Cons: Not on the beach, next to taxi area

For Activity Junkies

Bananarama Beach And Dive Resort

Bananarama Beach And Dive Resort Pros: Active bar, nightly activities (Crab races and fire dancing), great snorkeling and dive shop

Cons: Can be slightly noisy, lots of beach vendors

For Bed And Breakfast Fanatics

Rumors On Roatan

Rumors On Roatan Pros: Adorable/private cabana, great place to escape, incredible breakfasts

Cons: Not on the beach, only two units

Budget Friendly

West Bay B & B

West Bay B & B Pros: Very afforable, near West Bay Mall

Cons: Not on the beach, lacks some accommodations

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